Post on Numerous accounts at one time: Instagram Update February 2019

Instagram is also known as IG. It is an app where you can post photos and videos. It is directly owned my Facebook. Instagram has been created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was officially launched in October 2010. At that time it was exclusive to IOS only. The other version which was dedicated to the Android users was introduced a year and a half after the official release.

Which is on April 2012. After only three years of its launch, Instagram took over the world of social media networking apps. Instagram has more than 150 million users all around the world. Instagram was always a hit. As the first week of the launch had ended, they had already reached a number of 200,000 users signed up to the platform. While it took only a time span of a month to reach a million users. Isn’t that incredible? Now let’s talk about how it is now working on new features to appeal more users.

1.Your accounts are more organised now

Yes, you heard it right, Instagram has really made it possible for users to post a single post to various accounts at once. This is done by a few clicks and you’re done. This feature was at the testing phase back in the month December. It will aid social media workers who manage several Instagram profiles.

The only thing that creates confusion is that this is so not what Instagram was founded upon. But at the same time, it will make a lot of difference for people with multiple Instagram accounts and reduce their work to an extent. The social media networking app Instagram already allows its users to connect multiple accounts to the same profile, categorizing them into two groups being ‘private’ and ‘public’ accounts. This feature is usually used by the Instagram followers that wants to share some of their content to the world while some they think should be restricted to their close ones only. This feature will make lives much easier, especially for heavy Instagram users. Your account is now much organised than before.

2.How and Whom will this feature benefit

This feature can be highly beneficial for Instagram influencers. They are the ones who are the most active on this platform and have a lot of work to do on it too. A feature that can lower their workload will be highly appreciated by them as well as the other users. Influencers usually bound to more than one accounts. This will make it difficult for them when they are willing to post the same post twice or thrice and even more times on multiple accounts. This was easily possible before too, but who has time for that. Writing the same caption, tagging the same people/brands and adding several hashtags again can be really hectic and time-consuming. People do not usually have time for that these days. Influencers are not just bound to sit in front of the screen the entire day. So here you go.