How to Gain more Instagram followers for your business.

Instagram is the best tool to market your brand on social media but how do you gain more followers and grow your business on Instagram? You can grow your account by buying followers, run Instagram ads and using organic ways. We have gathered some tips that help you to grow your account. Read on to learn about how to gain more followers on Instagram for your business or brand.

Build strong Relationships with Instagram Influencers

Align yourself with your industry’ influencers in order to grow your account on Instagram. However, building a strong relationship with influencers is not an easy task but it is possible when you make them personal and invest in these relationships. Don’t try to follow robot formula to interact with the influencers, be genuine.

Track Your Traffic from Instagram

buy real active instagram followersRemember to include the link of your website (trackable URL) to your Instagram profile bio to understand what platform is driving your sales and track the sales. Once you know where the traffic is coming then know where to invest resources.

Get Creative with Instagram Hashtags:

In order to reach the new audience, all you need to think out of the box and use those hashtags that attract the people who are interested in your content but these hashtags are not niche-specific. For example, if you are a brand that provides formal dresses. You can post the photos related to celebrities with formal dresses e.g. Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and much more, use the bunch of hashtags related to Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga. You will reach to the different audience (a bunch of new followers) who are the fans of Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga.

Stick With a Theme:

One of the important growth strategies is that stick to one niche and one theme in order to get more Instagram followers. Choose the one color and one filter and stick to it. Use the same color in all the photos and post the niche specific photos. Like if you are fashion brand, always post the photos of outfits and if you are a shoe brand, stick to post shoe photos on your Instagram page. People will visit you to see the latest fashion.

Partner with Other Businesses for Instagram Contests

Run the contest on Instagram is the best tactic to grow your account but when you partner with other brands or businesses for the contest then it is the easiest way to gain a number of followers. It can not only grow your account but also increases the brand awareness with this strategy. Moreover, you will get more views, likes, and share.

Share for share strategy:

Whether you are a big brand or small, share the content of others on your account especially if you are a beginner. Don’t forget to mention the account, this way other people will also share your content on their accounts. It is the foolproof way to get more followers.

Buy Followers:

Buying followers is a great way to get followers instantly. You can buy a number of followers within a few minutes and grow your account in no time.