Now a days perfume is mostly being used by every person in the world. While for finding the best one demands the little efforts.

  • Decide an amount

Perfume is a luxurious product that is the need of every person to enhance their beauty. Normally the prices of the scents are defined according to the lasting of the fragrance. Generally, costly fragrances lasts long while the cheap one are less lasting. If you are purchasing a perfume as a gift you must prefer the costly one. So before going on a shopping you must decide an amount that you are going to use for a gift.

  • Nature of the recipient

The nature of the perfume that is being selected by you for a gift much matches the nature of the recipient. As you are going to buy a gift for a girl demands soft and light fragrance. The perfumes are mainly available in four categories. That categories are on the bases of the nature of the fragrance. The types are as follow

  • Floral (soft) (used in day time)
  • Oriental (musky) (used in night time)
  • Citrus (fruity) (used in summer season)
  • Muddy (used in winter season)


  • Testing a fragrance

Don’t ever purchase a perfume for a gift only in one turn, visits the shop judge the actual fragrance of the perfume and then select it for a gift. As you visits a market only one day, when you test too many perfumes in a single day it creates a divergent smell that distracts you from the original essence of the perfume. So before going to purchase a perfume as a gift or for yourself never use any perfume or any other product that diverge your attention from the actual essence of the selected perfume. Always test 6 to 7 perfumes in a day to avoid a divergence.

  • Getting a whiff of yourself

While going to buy a perfume always take a friend with you because smelling yourself is really a difficult task as you don’t understand that what fragrance suits best on you. Always ask other persons to smell a fragrance as they can easily judge what smell suits on your personality. You must keep in mind that the fragrance that suits on you also suits on the person for whom you are going to buy a present.

  • Skin tone

Your body chemistry is very important point for selecting a best perfume. One perfume gives a different fragrance in the bottle as compared to be sprayed on a card. Always keep in mind about your skin tone, as, dry skin needs a less concentrated perfume for long-lasting while if you have an oily skin you need an highly concentrated perfume for its long-lasting.

  • Shopping place

Select the shops or a malls you are going to visit. While selecting these stores you must take care that the stores are well-known and well-structured. Also check either they have knowledge-able staff or not while they must provide you a personalized customer service. i suggest you buy a perfume from a shop where fragrance is the major selling product.