4 Ways to Greatly Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

There are a lot of ways to get streams for labels, curators and artists. There are a few methods that help the artists to increase their plays on SoundCloud with buying Soundcloud plays. The following ways will help you to take leverage the algorithm of SoundCloud in order to grow your SoundCloud Plays. Let’s get into it!

SoundCloud metadata:

Your track should contain the relevant information of your track such as the title of your track, label and artist name. Don’t use unreadable information in the description of your tracks. According to the SoundCloud blog post, a good track title would be ‘you are mine’ rather than Youxxare890Mi4ne’. Moreover, don’t use the same information that other artists have used in their tracks. Also, don’t add track numbers to your album title. One thing you should keep in mind that not everyone is an artist on this platform. The artist name and title are provided by the label in order to recognize the song and artist. Furthermore, it helps the users to discover the relevant artist and songs.

Give more importance to Images and descriptions

Give more importance to cover art and description. It should be at the top of your priority list. Always use high-quality images for cover art or album art. The description of your track should be creative and engaging that tell the users behind the story of that track. Also add the lyrics, credits, guest artist list and more. You can also share the link of your blog post here. If you are collaborating with anyone then you can link their profiles in your track description. But always remain professional when it comes to writing your tracks and its description.

Describe the genre & mood of your audio

Every track has its own genre so whenever you are going to upload it, then describe the genre of your audio. Also, mention the mood of your track in your tags. The algorithm of SoundCloud gives more importance to the user’s recommendations. When you use correct tags then your tracks will be more discoverable. Moreover, choosing the main genre of your audio, also add the sub-genres and moods of your tracks. Don’t use too many tags in the description. Instead, use a handful of related tags, states the SoundCloud blog post. In other words, always prefer quality over quantity. You can increase your SoundCloud plays in no time by buying SoundCloud plays.

Make your audios more discoverable:

As a Soundcloud artist, your top priority should be to make your music more discoverable on your profile. If you are releasing LP, a track, an album, and compilation, create a playlist for them. Your tracks will show up under these sections that make your audios easy to find. Your albums or tracks can also be found with their release date because SoundCloud orders the tracks or albums when you release them. All you need to put correct information about the album, add relevant tags and write the creative description to make it more discoverable. Furthermore, users can also add your tracks in their audio collection. Buying SoundCloud plays also helps you to enjoy the spotlight on this biggest platform.