BizTalk NoS Addin Beta version in test

Ok a lot of things to do, and a lot of things done and happened, in the last 4 months.
BizTalk Summit in London was the best integration event I’ve seen ever, 200 Integration expert attendees present, more than 100 companies, the best integration speakers in the world present, with amazing sessions full of technology power and awesome contents inside.

When I think that all of that started two years ago by a tweet between me and Steef-Jan,the tweet reported “I wait you in my home n Italy to eat tigelle and pizza and red wine”, here the famous post, is here when it started one of the best thing in my life,a great friendship, a second family, the BizTalk Crew, I love the BizTalk Crew.




During the summit I presented my Visual Studio add-in, the BizTalk NoS Add-In 🙂
I worked more than 4 months to create this version, I worked during the evening, using all my free time out of work, this means, few time with my family and kids, and few kayak, but I’m very happy for the result.

I worked four months without any time to make a good test, my friend Sandro Pereira helping me to test it and to document all of stuff, a stable beta version soon, stay tuned.

Sandro wrote a post about it yesterday, here the post.





    • ninocrudele

      Well, the purpose of this addin is to help a BizTalk developer or a BizTalk Administrator too, I will release the addin soon as possible, Sandro is helping me to wrote the documentation, I think that I will write a post about it but in this moment I need to fix last issues.

    • ninocrudele

      thank you, I worked 4 month without to do any deep test inside, in general the work is good but I prefer to do some tests before to release it. We are a good point and I think it will be release soon.

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