BizTalk NoS Addin Visual Studio 2010 version released

New BizTalk NoS Addin version available Visual Studio Gallery, the most important new features are:


Two different ways:

  1. Downloading the adding from Visual Studio Gallery here
  • From Visual Studio select Tools\Extensions and Updates, select Online and search the Addin using the word BizTalk in the text box searchimage After this, from Tools\Addin Manager… select Available Add-in and Start
  • image


If you have the Beta version already installed I recommend to delete it manually, I tried some experiment and all work well but to be sure could be better to delete the Beta version before.

Delete the Beta version manually is very simple, delete the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\BTSG NoS Addin and delete the Addin file normally present under the directory C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins oC:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins

New setup engine
Deployment platform changed, in the beta version I used InstallForge, really simple and useful freeware tool to produce simple setup but I need more setup options to do, so I create a new MSI package using Wix platform, this is a great freeware tool and you can find a lot of authoring external tools to create a complex Wix scripting package.

Support for Visual Studio 2010
I tested the BTSG NoS Addin with Visual Studio 2010 architecture and with BizTalk 2010, you can install and use it installing and using it in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2013 in the same environment.

Know issues:

The Reflector, at the project level, couldn’t create report, this is a problem with Visual Studio 2010 casting code behavior, the same issue works fine in Visual Studio 2013, I need to fix it with Microsoft.

Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2013 has a different multithreading model form VS 2013 id based on WPF and uses Dispatcher way, VS 2010 no and it is slower.


BizTalk Services issue:

I’m evaluating what the best new features I can put inside the addin, well, I created the addin to help myself during my work in real, in the next period I will work with BizTalk Services and Azure, so I think that the best thing I can do is to extend the addin in BizTalk Services aspects.
I’m starting to study them in deep and in the meantime I will develop all features I need to work in the best way and fast.

BizTalk Server issue:

Well, there are a lot of features to do, during my work I use a lot of BizTalk features and I always need of the same things, for BAM (Deploy, Views management issue and BLA BLA BLA), Artifacts deployment (in this moment there is a simple but useful feature in the addin, but more could be appreciated by my patience J), fast project an artifact template management, fast artifact search during development (to avoid the use of little combos and so on…), Admin stuff (a lot in my mind)

In the first I want to work in BizTalk Services issue

Guys, have fun with it and for any question, bug or hint, send an email here

What about BizTalk NoS Addin Visual Studio 2010 version?

The current BizTalk NoS Addin beta version is only available for Visual Studio 2012 which means that we can only use it with BizTalk Server 2012, but I know that many of us still have and will have for a long time BizTalk Server 2010 project which requires Visual Studio 2010.

And I already noticed that many people have questioned the possibility to have this add-in in Visual Studio 2010, or when will be available a version for Visual Studio 2010 to support BizTalk Server 2010 projects.

Well, actually the BizTalk NoS Add-in project born with Visual Studio 2010 version. However the NoS Add-In requires a lot of particulars features of Visual Studio engine to work and unfortunately I noticed during development a lot of strange behaviors. I tried to migrate the project to Visual Studio 2013 and it worked well, after a lot of study and research I discovered a lot of differences around the multithreading model between VS 2010 and VS 2013, and with only 4 month to prepare my session and show this add-in working on BizTalk Summit 2014 London event I decided to stay in VS 2013.
Now that the VS 2013 Beta release is out and I can concentrate myself to check the possibility to port the NoS Add-In into VS 2010 version… because porting the code and support BizTalk Server 2010 is simple, the complicate will be to fix the strange behaviors with multithreading on VS 2010.

So this evening I will start porting the BizTalk NoS Addin into Visual Studio 2010.

Stay tuned and for now have fun trying the addin in VS2013!


BizTalk NoS Add-in Beta version has been officially released through Visual Studio Gallery

Here we are, after six months of work the BizTalk NoS Add-in is ready and the Beta version has just been officially released on Visual Studio Gallery:


NOTE: This beta version is available only for Visual Studio 2012 and BizTalk Server 2013

I want to thank my friend Sandro Pereira (The Wiki Ninja, member and co-founder of the BizTalk Crew) for the great support with documentation, testing and other stuff, we passed a lot of evenings and nights working and crying together in skype, so Thank a lot Sandro!

As I announced in the BizTalk Summit this Add-in version is free, the purpose of this Add-in is to help all BizTalk developer animals in the usual operations of the work day, this tools is for a BizTalk developer expert and admin too, more you are expert in BizTalk Server development and administration and more you will find usefull this Addin, the only real limit to use the addin is the fantasy.

Personally I optimized my development productivity and problem solving of 10 times more fast, and in some situation of 30.

Again, you can find the BTSG NoS Addin in Visual Studio Gallery at this address:

Or you can install the Addin from Visual Studio 2012 Extension and Updates


NOTE: In this case remember to execute Visual Studio 2012 as Administrator.

I worked a lot but I’m very satisfied for the result, this is a Beta version, so it’ s possible to find some bugs, in this case send an email at

BizTalk NoS Add-in Roadmap

About the roadmap, at the first is to release a final version, I preferred to publish a Beta version because the only way to test the Add-in in the best way is to use the Add-in in a lot of different projects and situations, so all of you hints and emails will be very appreciated.

All features in this version are the 20% of the total features I have in my mind, so I’m stilling preparing the roadmap for next versions but you can expect:

  • Visual Studio 2010 compatibility
  • User experience improvements
  • And of course new features

And I will start with the BizTalk Services NoS Addin version very soon too, I love BizTalk Services and I want to develop the same for it.

You can find all the documentation about this BizTalk NoS Addin in:

Or in Sandro Pereira blog posts:

So guys, BizTalk Anilmals, have fun!

BizTalk NoS Addin Beta version in test

Ok a lot of things to do, and a lot of things done and happened, in the last 4 months.
BizTalk Summit in London was the best integration event I’ve seen ever, 200 Integration expert attendees present, more than 100 companies, the best integration speakers in the world present, with amazing sessions full of technology power and awesome contents inside.

When I think that all of that started two years ago by a tweet between me and Steef-Jan,the tweet reported “I wait you in my home n Italy to eat tigelle and pizza and red wine”, here the famous post, is here when it started one of the best thing in my life,a great friendship, a second family, the BizTalk Crew, I love the BizTalk Crew.




During the summit I presented my Visual Studio add-in, the BizTalk NoS Add-In :)
I worked more than 4 months to create this version, I worked during the evening, using all my free time out of work, this means, few time with my family and kids, and few kayak, but I’m very happy for the result.

I worked four months without any time to make a good test, my friend Sandro Pereira helping me to test it and to document all of stuff, a stable beta version soon, stay tuned.

Sandro wrote a post about it yesterday, here the post.



I will be at BizTalk Summit London 2014

3th and 4th March will be the BizTalk Summit 2014 in London, I will be one of the speakers.
This is the second edition in London, last here it was an amazing event, full of great topics and a lot of companies present, and this year it will be even more.


There will be present a lot of the best integration experts in the world, speakers, companies, independents, all in one place and all united under the banner of the integration passion.
A lot of people registered and I’m really excited and proud to be part of this great event.
I wanted to be sure in recommending the best topics I could, to prepare my session I worked 4 month, every evening and all my free time available, so few extreme kayaking and only extreme .net coding :)
The big session topic will be the possibility to increase the BizTalk development productivity of 200%, there will be a big demo and most of the session will be in front to real environments.
I want to thank my family for support and patience, my second family, the BizTalk Crew, every present in me and in my mind, thank to Microsoft and all peoples will be present in London.

Ther registration are still open, you can find all informations here.

We will see in London!

About SFTP adapter testing and issues

Sometime can occurs some strange behavior with the BizTalk 2013 SFTP adapter, the protocol is sensitive :) and some strange configuration, by server side, can cause a lot of crazy situations, other strange aspects could be happen for security settings in server side too.

I use a proactive approach to be sure about of all potentiality of a BizTalk resource.
Many times, start a mission without a correct technology perception, could prove a disaster.

Back to SFTP, fast and simple way to test SFTP adapter.
Normally I use Bitvise SSH SFTP Server tool, you can download it here

You can use it for developer purpose, very simple to use.

And to acccess to your SFTP site you can use FileZilla, nice , simple, free and useful tool.
You can find Filezilla here

Install it whatever you need, and configure it, the important thing is to create a Windows user, for example sftpuser, and assign it to Bitvise.

Automatically the Windows user directory will be share in SFTP but you can map the directory you want.
Under Open Easy Setting->Your Acount->Add, see picture below



Create a receive location and set username, password, host, mask file, remote directory and all about security configuration.


if you want to use a key fingerprint you can obtain it under advance configuration of Bitvise, set to False the AcceptAnySSHServerHostKey to use the finger print.


Another useful thing is the possibility to monitor SFTP activity during the tests


BizTalk London Summit 2014 Sessions and Speakers are ready!

The BizTalk Summit 2014 in London is the most important event about the Integration Technologies in the world.
All of the most important persons of the Integration world will be present as speaker and attendees, will be an event full of great topics and in deep.
For this reason I want to present a session totally based on my personal experience formed in these years in fieldwork, I want to share all of my best tricks, tips, personal tools and documentation I used and using every day during my work, this is my real approach to solve the most important integration issues in a project team and in a BizTalk solution.

I will work in these months to prepare this session, there is a lot of work to do, collect and organize all of my best tricks and tools, all libraries, stories and documentation in one place and in one document.

You can find all information about the event here


We will see in London!